Conex :

Conex is a portable prefabricated structure that can be moved repeatedly. Conexes are manufactured in different types and different manufacturing techniques with different designs and different sizes. Length of conex is 400,600,800,1000,1200 cm as the standard sizes. But conex can be manufactured upon customer’s order. Standard width for conex is 250 and 300cm.Also width of conex may change in special orders. Conex can be manufactured in different types including: saloon, two room , three room, four room, with lavatory, with pantry(open or traditional) or any other plan. Conexs can be manufactured in one story, two story, three story and for story type. Conexes do not need concrete foundation for installation on the ground and only need to perform sub chassis on natural grade.
Usage of conex:
Conex has high potentiality in manufacturing process and can be manufactured with different methods and techniques according to its efficiency. Conex can be used in following cases:

1- Residential and dormitory conex 22-Workhouse and mechanic conex
2- Administrative and office conex 23-Shop conex
3- Lavatory conex 24-Restaurant conex
4- Bathroom conex 25-Information conex
5- Outdoor kitchen conex 26-Electrical Substation conex
6- Outdoor clinic conex 27-Villa conex
7- Urgency and portable operation room conex 28-Clean room conex
8- Pharmacy and hygiene room conex 29-Oil drilling conex
9- Military shelter and radar installation conex 30-Camp and oil well camp conex
10- Generator and compressor installation conex 31-Sea rig gap conex
11- Device installation conex 32-Pray room conex
12- Telecommunication shelter and BTS and data conex 33-Watchman and janitor conex
13- Temporary housing conex 34-Wheeled caravan conex
14- Motel and inn conex 35-Laboratory conex
15- Rescue conex 36-Ammo store house conex
16- School and classroom conex 37-Janitor and watchman conex
17- Control room 38-Forestry conex
18- Traffic Police conex 39-Forester and environment conex
19-Road police conex 40-Livestock and plants quarantining conex
20-Road maintenance conex 41-Border market conex
21-Police conex 42-Marginal and espial conex

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